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03/23/18 New wheat varieties could allow high fiber claims
01/12/16 Can genetic engineering help quench crops' thirst? (Ensia)
07/08/15 First stress-tolerant soybean gets go-ahead in Argentina (Nature)
02/28/14 Super-rice defies triple whammy of stresses (New Scientist)
02/24/14 Mahyco develops new GM crops sans Monsanto support (BusinessLine)
02/18/14 50 Smartest Companies (MIT Technology Review)
09/04/13 Transparency the Best PR Strategy, Says Arcadia Bio CEO, Eric Rey (Mendelspod)
04/23/13 NEWEST Rice Marks Latest Milestone (Feed the Future)
03/29/13 Researchers find lettuce gene key to hot-weather germination (The Grower)
03/18/13 Nitrogen-efficient crops: The holy grail of agricultural biotech (Genetic Literacy Project)
03/15/13 Expression of 9-cis-EPOXYCAROTENOID DIOXYGENASE4 Is Essential for Thermoinhibition of Lettuce Seed Germination but Not for Seed Development or Stress Tolerance (The Plant Cell)
12/19/12 Genetically Enhanced Seeds to Get Carbon Credits (Bloomberg)
11/09/12 $8.4 million for food grain and alternative fuel research (UC Davis)
09/18/12 Drought-tolerant corn reveals plant biotech promise in parched Midwest (San Diego Biotechnology Connection)
04/11/12 Company Has Nitrogen-Efficient Crops at Commercial Phase (Ag Professional)
03/27/12 Sewing the seeds of a low carbon future (CNN)
02/28/12 Argentina JV aims to break big biotech's grip on transgenic soy (Dow Jones Newswires)
02/28/12 Argentina JV aims to break big biotech's grip on transgenic soy (Dow Jones Newswires)
02/28/12 Argentina JV aims to break big biotech’s grip on transgenic soy (Dow Jones News Service)
10/14/11 Don’t Smoke That Fuel: ARPA-E funds energy research in tobacco, turpentines, camelina (Biofuels Digest)
07/27/11 Biotech food for a warming planet (Marc Gunther blog)
02/01/11 Alternative Agriculture (The Scientist)
07/28/10 An Underground Revolution (Nature)
04/21/10 EPA Earth Day: It’s My Environment!
02/16/10 Dramatic Changes in Agriculture Needed as World Warms and Grows (ScienceDaily)
02/11/10 Radically Rethinking Agriculture for the 21st Century (Science Magazine)
02/10/10 Hype or hysteria: A rational policy on GM food? (
01/21/10 Jimmy’s Global Harvest – USA (BBC 2)
11/13/09 The New NUE Thing (The Economist)
06/18/09 Cropping Hunger and Climate Change (GOOD)
06/11/09 Ethical man takes his crusade to California (BBC)
03/24/09 Is the green movement part of the problem? (BBC)
01/23/09 Seed Today Podcast with Arcadia Biosciences President/CEO Eric Rey: Non-GM Herbicide Tolerant Wheat (
11/12/08 Arcadia Biosciences honored as a 2008 Environment Award Laureate for its Nitrogen Use Efficiency technology (
10/31/08 Arcadia Lines up Funds for Safflower Venture (The Sacramento Bee)
10/23/08 Less Water, More Biotech: Drought Resistance Is the Goal, But Methods Differ (New York Times)
10/01/08 Next Green - Seed Money (Fast Company)
08/15/08 Oceanic Dead Zones Continue to Spread (Scientific American)
08/01/08 Dry Fields with Great Yields (Science Notes)
06/01/08 Superefficient Frankencrops Could Put a Real Dent in Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Wired)
05/29/08 Environment: All Things Considered (National Public Radio)
03/26/08 The Seeds of Aridity: Crops for a Parched World (International Herald Tribune)
02/17/08 ’Green’ Rice on Menu: Farmers Could Profit from Carbon Offsets (The Sacramento Bee)
01/08/08 Biotech Firm Plans to Fund GM Rice Crops With Carbon Credits (The Guardian)
01/05/08 50 People Who Could Save the Planet (The Guardian)
01/05/08 Could New GM Crops Please the Greens? (New Scientist)
12/01/07 The "environmentally-friendly" genetically modified of Arcadia Biosciences (Biofutur)
10/29/07 Reining In Ripening: Researchers are learning to control key biochemical processes that affect the quality of fruits and vegetables (Chemical & Engineering News)
10/09/07 In China, a Plan to Turn Rice into Carbon Credits (Wall Street Journal)
05/04/07 Modified rice called nice for environment (San Francisco Chronicle)
03/07/07 Arcadia Biosciences Agreed With the Government of the Ningxia Hui Chinese Autonomous Region (Ningxia) to Establish the Groundwork for a “Carbon Credit” Methodology Applicable to Rice Cultivation. (La Correspondance Economiqu
10/31/06 Seed Firms Bolster Crops Using Traits of Distant Relatives (Wall Street Journal)
06/01/06 GLA oils: A study on consumer purchasing behaviors (AOCS publication: Inform)
09/20/05 Recruiting Stronger Veggies. (The Sacramento Bee)
05/01/05 GLA: Uses and new sources (AOCS publication: Inform)
04/14/05 Tilling® moves beyond functional genomics into crop improvement. (National Library of Medicine)
01/23/05 A reverse genetic, nontransgenic approach to wheat crop improvement by TILLING®. (Nature Biotechnology)
05/27/04 "Dead zones" threaten fisheries. (The Christian Science Monitor)
03/23/04 Alfalfa partnership sprouts to develop salt-tolerant crop. (The Sacramento Bee)
06/11/01 Engineering salt-tolerant Brassica plants: Characterization of yield and seed-oil quality in transgenic plants with increased vacuolar sodium accumulation. (Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America)