We are a consumer-driven agricultural technology company focused on developing and commercializing high-value branded food ingredients, nutritional oils, and products that improve human health and farm productivity while minimizing the impact of agriculture on the environment.

Our purpose has always been clear. To help keep people and our planet healthy. On the consumer level, we’re working with food companies to incorporate our GoodWheat line of proprietary, high-value flour ingredients. These branded ingredients offer consumers added health benefits in their favorite foods and give food companies a unique way to differentiate their products.

Since our founding in 2002 we’ve worked to develop plants high in healthy nutritional oils. We launched SONOVA® GLA Safflower Oil in 2012 and the product, sold through retail outlets like GNC, remains an important nutritional supplement to maintain healthy skin, weight control, and to promote better women’s health.

Our longstanding commitment to helping farmers meet environmental and economic challenges continues through our agricultural traits that increase productivity. From soybeans that achieve high yields in dry environments to rice that require less nitrogen fertilizer, we’re developing traits that can enable farmers to meet the demands for more and healthier food from our warming planet.