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Media Coverage | 02.18.14
MIT Technology Review50 Smartest Companies

It might sound difficult to define what makes a smart company, but you know one when you see it. When such a company commercializes a truly innovative...

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Media Coverage | 09.04.13
MendelspodTransparency the Best PR Strategy, Says Arcadia Bio CEO, Eric Rey

Arcadia Biosciences is a company in Davis, California that has been developing GM (genetically modified) plants for farmers for over ten years. Their lead...

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Media Coverage | 04.23.13
Feed the FutureNEWEST Rice Marks Latest Milestone

“Today, we have new tools and approaches that enable us to achieve progress that was simply unimaginable in the past: the eradication of extreme...

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Media Coverage | 03.29.13
The GrowerResearchers find lettuce gene key to hot-weather germination

A group of researchers have identified a gene and the related enzyme responsible for halting lettuce germination during hot weather. The discovery could...

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Media Coverage | 03.18.13
Genetic Literacy ProjectNitrogen-efficient crops: The holy grail of agricultural biotech

Picture yourself walking down the narrow lanes of a poplar plantation in Minnesota surrounded by the slender, fast-growing trees farmed around the globe...

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Media Coverage | 12.19.12
BloombergGenetically Enhanced Seeds to Get Carbon Credits

The United Nations-overseen emissions-market regulator has approved a system of rules that will allow farmers using genetically improved seeds to claim...

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Media Coverage | 11.09.12
UC Davis$8.4 million for food grain and alternative fuel research

With new grants totaling $8.4 million from the U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Agency for International Development and industry partners, UC Davis plant...

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Media Coverage | 09.18.12
San Diego Biotechnology ConnectionDrought-tolerant corn reveals plant biotech promise in parched Midwest

Growing up in Iowa, the sarcastic saying we overused was something was about as exciting as watching the corn grow. But this year’s massive drought in...

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