Since 2002, we’ve been innovating crops to provide high-value, healthy food ingredients to help meet consumer demands for healthier choices. With origins as a trailblazing developer of science-based approaches to enhancing the quality and nutritional value of crops and food ingredients, Arcadia is now an innovative producer of plant-based health and wellness products. Our food, beverage and body care products are designed to enhance quality and health benefits in an array of consumer product categories.

Our GoodWheat™ portfolio of specialty wheat ingredients delivers unique health benefits with advanced nutritional profiles, including increased fiber, resistant starch, reduced allergenic gluten, improved protein quality, reduced calorie and high amino acids. GoodWheat re-invents wheat as a “functional food,” adding value to the entire wheat supply chain, from seed to table, by enabling a wider range of choices to meet evolving consumer demands. We’re working with major food manufacturers and processors to develop healthy formulations of the wheat products people love.

Arcadia Wellness is a wholly-owned subsidiary that houses our family of consumer brands in the food, beverage and body care categories. With a focus on pure ingredients, clean labels, and enhanced health benefits, these products include GoodWheat, Zola Coconut Water and ProVault Topical Pain Relief, as well as SoulSpring and Saavy Naturals Body Care. For more information, visit our product sites.