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Healthy people. Healthy planet.

We provide high-value, healthy food ingredients to help meet consumer demand for a healthier diet. Our GoodWheat™ branded ingredients allow people to enjoy unique health benefits in their favorite foods and enable packaged goods companies to differentiate their brands in the marketplace.

We’ve also developed a portfolio of agricultural traits that enable farmers around the world be more productive amidst challenging economic and environmental conditions.

Resistant Starch GoodWheat

Resistant starch is a type of starch that is digested more slowly in the body. Studies show that resistant starch offers a host of powerful benefits, such as slower glucose release, increased satiety and improved gut health. Through advanced screening and plant breeding processes, we’ve developed non-GM pasta and bread wheat varieties that are naturally high in resistant starch and, as a result, are also much higher in fiber than conventional wheat. We’re actively working with branded food manufacturers to develop additional healthy formulations of the wheat products people love. 

Reduced Gluten GoodWheat

We developed our Reduced Gluten (RG) GoodWheat for people who enjoy the taste, texture and nutritional benefits of wheat, and at the same time would like to reduce gluten in their diets. Our proprietary, non-GM wheat varieties, developed using advanced screening and plant breeding techniques, have reduced gluten and increased essential amino acids such as lysine, along with all the health benefits of high protein wheat. We’re working with food processors to give people the choice to enjoy the wheat in the products they love while reducing gluten in their diet.

More Productive Crops

Today’s farmers face many challenges, both environmental and economic. From a growing global population and warming planet to fluctuating commodity crop prices, farmers need tools to maximize productivity and mitigate environmental stresses. Our technologies add value for growers by increasing crop yields and input efficiencies and reducing the environmental impact of commercial farming. We continue to work with our partners to further develop and deregulate our nitrogen use efficiency, salinity tolerance, and drought tolerance traits in strategic world crops.

GoodWheat. Making wheat cool again.

Differentiate your consumer brand with Resistant Starch GoodWheat ingredients. Loaded with fiber and resistant starch, GoodWheat enriched and whole grain flour can make your wheat-based formulation healthier than ever.

Resistant Starch. This Superfood Is Getting Attention.

From reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes to helping manage obesity, resistant starch has been shown to deliver a range of significant health benefits. Now it's available in wheat.

Branded Ingredients. Nutritional Oils. More Productive Crops.

Our development approach has always focused on products that enhance human health or help farmers be more productive while minimizing agriculture’s impact on the environment. We have four key focus areas: