We innovate crops to provide high-value, healthy food ingredients to help meet consumer demand for a healthier diet. We’ve also developed a portfolio of agronomic traits that enable farmers around the world to be more productive amidst challenging economic and environmental conditions.


Our GoodWheat™ portfolio of specialty wheat ingredients delivers unique health benefits with advanced nutritional profiles, including increased fiber, resistant starch, reduced allergenic gluten, improved protein quality, reduced calorie and high amino acids. GoodWheat re-invents wheat as a “functional food,” adding value to the entire wheat supply chain, from seed to table, by enabling a wider range of choices to meet evolving consumer demands. We’re working with major food manufacturers and processors to develop healthy formulations of the wheat products people love.


Within the rapidly growing industrial hemp industry, there is enormous opportunity and demand for improved plant quality, productivity, consistency and resilience. GoodHemp leverages Arcadia’s years of plant science, industry and regulatory expertise to offer value-added capabilities for rapid growth in hemp-based functional ingredients. These innovations are made possible through a proprietary approach combining conventional breeding, TILLING and gene editing.

GoodWheat. Discover how good wheat can be.

Wheat is an important plant-based source of proteins, fiber, vitamins, minerals and nutrients. And with our GoodWheat portfolio of specialty non-GM wheat ingredients, wheat just got even better!

The GoodWheat varieties offers improved nutritional attributes, such as higher fiber, improved protein quality and reduced allergenic gluten.  GoodWheat is natural, 100% wheat developed through non-GM, advanced breeding techniques to meet consumer and future food trends. GoodWheat is currently available in high fiber, reduced gluten, and extended shelf life varieties.

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GoodHemp. Superior Genetics for Plant Quality and Productivity.

We’ve long proven our ability to optimize plants for their value to growers and consumers and to transform commodity crops for improved functional nutrition. Now, we’re turning that expertise to an unimproved crop with GoodHemp, offering innovative hemp varieties that allow farmers to be more productive and maximize the value of this newly legal crop.

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Branded Ingredients. Nutritional Oils. More Productive Crops.

Our development approach has always focused on products that enhance human health or help farmers be more productive while minimizing agriculture’s impact on the environment. We have four key focus areas: