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Media Coverage | 04.11.12
Ag ProfessionalCompany Has Nitrogen-Efficient Crops at Commercial Phase

Roger Salameh of Arcadia Biosciences made a presentation at CropWorld North America on Nitrogen use efficiency (NUE), a crop trait that every seed company...

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Media Coverage | 03.27.12
CNNSewing the seeds of a low carbon future


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Media Coverage | 02.28.12
Dow Jones News ServiceArgentina JV aims to break big biotech’s grip on transgenic soy

Due to an increase in demand for soybeans Argentine biotech firm Bioceres is teaming up with Arcadia Biosciences to bring a host of new transgenic soybean...

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Media Coverage | 10.14.11
Biofuels DigestDon’t Smoke That Fuel: ARPA-E funds energy research in tobacco, turpentines, camelina

Arcadia Biosciences was one of 10 to be awarded a biofuels-related grant from the Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E)....

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Media Coverage | 07.27.11
Marc Gunther blogBiotech food for a warming planet

Marc Gunther, business and sustainability blogger and Fortune contributor, writes about how Arcadia Biosciences “has set out to help farmers do their...

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Media Coverage | 02.01.11
The ScientistAlternative Agriculture

Eric Rey, CEO of Arcadia Biosciences, talks about a proprietary technology called TILLING which helps to produce “tomatoes that can be plucked when they...

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Media Coverage | 07.28.10
NatureAn Underground Revolution

Plant breeders are turning their attention to roots to increase yields without causing environmental damage. Virginia Gewin unearths some promising subterranean...

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Media Coverage | 04.21.10
EPA Earth Day: It’s My Environment!

The EPA recently had an Earth Day video project called “It’s My Environment” and Arcadia was featured in the video. You can see Arcadia at the 3:50...

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