Americans get an average of one-fifth or 400 calories per day from wheat, and according to the United Nations, bread wheat accounts for 20 percent of the human diet globally. Yes, we love wheat.


That’s why we developed our GoodWheat portfolio of branded non-GMO specialty wheat ingredients – ingredients that offer healthier enriched and whole grain wheat options while providing the same baking quality, taste, and texture as traditional wheat.

Naturally produced, GoodWheat ingredients can simplify ingredient formulations and, ultimately, satisfy the increasing consumer demand for clean-labelled foods. We are advancing developing exciting near-term opportunities with partners who share our passion for helping to lead the future of healthy foods.

Our high fiber wheat is available in North America through Bay State Milling as part of the HealthSense portfolio and we’re working with food and flour companies to bring this technology to other markets. Our own consumer brand of GoodWheat pasta will soon be available at major retailers, and we’re also working on other naturally-produced, proprietary wheat varieties to deliver health benefits for consumers and brand-differentiating attributes for consumer packaged goods companies.

Interested in trying GoodWheat in your new formulation? We’d love to work with you. Contact us for more information.


Delivering Variety and Taste For The Foods We Love.

High-Fiber Resistant Starch GoodWheat.

Eating a fiber-rich diet is associated with better gastrointestinal health and a reduced risk of heart attacks, strokes, high cholesterol, obesity, type 2 diabetes, even some cancers. Our high fiber Resistant Starch GoodWheat ingredients contain up to 10 times the dietary fiber of traditional wheat, enough fiber to meet US Food and Drug Administration thresholds for a “Good Source” of fiber or “High in Fiber” designation on packaging.

Resistant Starch GoodWheat varieties contain up to 94 percent amylose – the highest available in the industry – compared to between 25-30 percent amylose in traditional wheat.  And because resistant starch digests more slowly, it has a lower glycemic index than traditional wheat, meaning it doesn’t cause a rapid increase in blood glucose levels.

We’re proud to partner with Bay State Milling Company in North America, where our high fiber wheat will be used in their HealthSense™ flours and ingredients.

All the Taste and Performance of Regular Flour.

Reduced Gluten GoodWheat

Food favorites like pasta, bread, pizza and pastries are comforting and hard to resist, but for some people, enjoying these gluten-rich foods can lead to stomach discomfort or other health problems that can interfere with a healthy lifestyle. And while there are many gluten-free alternatives like ancient grains or nut flours, they just don’t deliver the same great taste and texture combination as wheat.

Our Reduced Gluten GoodWheat was developed for those with sensitive stomachs who don’t have gluten or wheat allergies, but who want to reduce the amount of gluten in their diets. Reduced Gluten GoodWheat has all the taste and performance of regular flour, but better nutritional value with 10 grams of fiber and 65% less allergenic gluten than traditional flour.


Healthier Wheat Options For Your Brand.

Your brand. Differentiated.

GoodWheat was developed to add value to the entire wheat supply chain, from seed to table, by offering consumers a wider range of choices in the wheat foods they love. If you’re a food formulator or brand manager looking for distinct, sustainable market advantage, we’d love to talk. From food formulation assistance to brand support, we’re here to help ensure your success.