We’re expert in bringing innovative traits through advanced breeding and gene editing to crops like wheat, soybeans and other complex plant genomes. Now, we’re turning that expertise to an ancient crop with GoodHemp™.

GoodHemp delivers superior emergence and growth characteristics, available as both seeds and transplant starts. Some GoodHemp varieties are also tolerant to a variety of diseases.

Hemp has a long way to go to become an industrialized crop in the US. With inconsistent quality and significant waste, there is a burning demand for quality genomics and agronomic excellence. And with the recent USDA guidelines requiring the destruction of “hot crops” with more than 0.3% THC, unstable seeds can lead to huge losses for hemp farmers – losses that aren’t covered by crop insurance.

That’s why we created GoodHemp, a commercial pipeline of superior non-GMO hemp seed varieties created with modern crop innovation tools focused on genetic improvement of hemp. GoodHemp varieties improve plant quality and productivity—working within federal legal guidelines.

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Positive Traits.

In hemp production, there are still many questions. We don’t think whether your seed can be trusted should be one of them. We’re the only proven crop innovator now focusing our nearly 20 years of genomics, crop breeding and bioinformatics on hemp. We know crop improvement – whether to combat diseases, improve yields or upgrade qualities desired by consumers, we’ve done it. And now we’re doing it for hemp.

Ingredients of Growth.

Today’s GoodHemp varieties offer productivity, pest resistance and crop quality improvements to the farm. And as our GoodHemp portfolio continues to grow, we’re aiming to convert our years of plant science and industry experience, our proven regulatory compliance practices and our trusted relationships with global food and wellness companies to a vibrant, dynamic hemp supply chain.