Arcadia Biosciences and ArborGen To Develop Drought-Tolerant and Nitrogen-Efficient Eucalyptus Trees

— Improved Varieties Will Enhance Productivity and Sustainability of
Purpose-grown Forests —

DAVIS, Calif. (October 7, 2014) – Arcadia Biosciences, Inc., an agricultural technology company focused on developing agricultural products that benefit the environment and enhance human health, announced , and ArborGen announced an agreement to incorporate Arcadia’s water use efficiency (WUE) and nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) technologies in eucalyptus trees.

The license agreement will allow ArborGen, a global supplier of seedling products and elite genetics to the forest industry, to develop eucalyptus trees that produce higher yields per unit of nitrogen and water. The license also includes the use of the technologies in poplar trees and an option for use in pine trees.

Three in ten of the world’s forests are used for production of wood and non-wood forest products, according to the Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, and the global acreage of purpose-grown forests is increasing. In 2000, managed forest plantations provided an estimated 35 percent of global roundwood supply. By 2020, that number is expected to increase to 44 percent.

However, climate change is threatening forest productivity. Shifting rainfall patterns and drought have a direct impact on tree health. Longer dry seasons and multi-year droughts sensitize forests to other stresses, including pests, disease and fire.

“Our WUE and NUE technologies enable plants to use water and nitrogen more efficiently, producing high yields under environmental stress,” said Eric Rey, president and CEO of Arcadia. “Increasing the productivity of purpose-grown forests will help relieve the strain on limited land and water resources to meet the growing global demand for wood products.”

“ArborGen consistently works to develop and use the best technologies to improve the health and productivity of trees. Our partnership with Arcadia will allow us to continue to do just that,” stated Andrew Baum, president and CEO of ArborGen.

About Arcadia Biosciences
Based in Davis, Calif., with additional facilities in Seattle, Wash. and Phoenix, Ariz.,
Arcadia Biosciences is focused on developing agricultural products that benefit the environment and enhance human health. Arcadia’s agronomic performance traits, including Nitrogen Use Efficiency, Water Use Efficiency, Salt Tolerance, Heat Tolerance and Herbicide Tolerance, are all aimed at making agricultural production more economically efficient and environmentally sound. Arcadia’s nutrition technologies and products create healthier ingredients and whole foods with lower production costs. The company was recently named one of MIT Technology Review’s 50 Smartest Companies and was previously recognized by AlwaysON as one of the GoingGreen Silicon Valley Global 200. For more information, visit

About ArborGen
ArborGen is a global supplier of seedling products and elite genetics to the forest industry. Through innovations in conventional breeding, improved genetics and emerging biotechnology advances, ArborGen is developing high-value products that significantly improve the productivity of a given acre of land. These products enable ArborGen’s customers to grow trees that yield more wood per acre with greater consistency and quality in a shorter period of time. ArborGen’s work is improving the sustainability of working forests while helping to meet the world’s growing need for wood, fiber and energy. For more information, visit