1. Arcadia Biosciences and Bioriginal Food and Science Corp. Enter Strategic Alliance to Market High GLA Safflower Oil

    — A New Source of Highly Concentrated GLA To Deliver Health Benefits With Greater Convenience — Davis, Calif. and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (February 22, 2008) – Arcadia Biosciences, Inc., an agricultural technology company focused on products that benefit the environment and human health, and Bioriginal Food and Science Corp., a global essential fatty acids (EFA) solutions…Continue Reading »
  2. Arcadia Biosciences Reports Progress in Drought-Tolerance Crop Development

    — First Field Trial Results Validate Performance — Davis, Calif. (December 10, 2007) – Arcadia Biosciences, Inc., an agricultural technology company focused on products that benefit the environment and human health, today announced the successful completion of its first drought tolerance technology field trial. Results of the trial demonstrated that plants engineered for drought-tolerance achieved…Continue Reading »
  3. Arcadia Biosciences’ GLA-enriched Safflower Oil Offers Consumers A Practical Way To Benefit From Gamma Linolenic Acid

    — New GLA Enriched Oil Packs Two To Four Times The Amount Of Beneficial Omega-6 Fatty Acid As Other Oils — London, England (Oct. 30, 2007) – Arcadia Biosciences is developing GLA-enriched safflower oil, which will be commercially available in late 2008. The oil contains unprecedented levels of an omega-6 fatty acid called gamma linolenic…Continue Reading »
  4. Arcadia Biosciences and Australian Research Organizations Enter Research and Commercial License Agreement for Development of Nitrogen Use Efficient Wheat

    — Environmental and crop productivity benefits expected from global collaboration in wheat among U.S. and Australian research and development organizations — Davis, California, USA, Adelaide, SA, AUSTRALIA, and Canberra, ACT, AUSTRALIA (October 10, 2007) – Arcadia Biosciences Inc., an innovative U.S.- based plant technology company, and two Australian research organizations, the Australian Centre for Plant…Continue Reading »
  5. Arcadia Biosciences and Chinese Province Agree to Establish Methods for Carbon Credit Trading Based on Nitrogen use Efficient Rice

    — U.S./China Collaboration To Develop New Model For Lowering Greenhouse Gas Emissions By Reducing Nitrogen Fertilizer Use — Davis, Calif. (May 3, 2007) – Arcadia Biosciences announced today that it has agreed with the government of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region (Ningxia) of China to establish the groundwork for a carbon credit methodology applicable to…Continue Reading »
  6. Arcadia Biosciences And SESVanderHave Seeds Enter Research And Commercial License Agreement For Development Of Nitrogen Use Efficient Sugar Beets

    — Crop productivity and environmental benefits expected from relationship between small, innovative U.S. company and established European seed company — Davis, California, USA and Tienen, BELGIUM (April 26, 2007) – Arcadia Biosciences Inc., an innovative U.S.-based plant biotechnology company and Belgium-based SESVanderHave Seeds, the world’s second-largest sugar beet seed company, today announced that they have…Continue Reading »
  7. Development of Commercial Nitrogen Use Efficient Canola Varieties Shows Early Development Success

    DAVIS, Calif. (April 3, 2007) – Arcadia Biosciences today announced that development of Nitrogen Use Efficient (NUE) canola is showing early success. In addition to eight successful field trials completed over five growing seasons, Arcadia established a collaboration with Monsanto Company in 2005 to develop NUE canola, and early field trials indicate notable progress. Field…Continue Reading »
  8. Arcadia Biosciences Licenses Corn and Rice Transformation Technology From Japan Tobacco

    — Agreement To Speed Development Of Nitrogen Use Efficiency, Salt Tolerance, and Drought Tolerance Technologies — DAVIS, Calif. (October 2, 2006) – Arcadia Biosciences, Inc. an agricultural technology company focused on products that benefit the environment and human health, today announced that is has licensed Japan Tobacco’s proprietary PureIntro® transformation technology for use in corn…Continue Reading »
  9. Technology to Battle “Dead Zones” Closer to Reality

    — New Field Data Supports Development of More Nitrogen Efficient Crops That Promise to Benefit Farmers and the Environment — DAVIS, Calif. (September 21, 2006) – The end of summer marks the peak of “dead zone” season when vast swathes of coastal ocean waters become oxygen-starved and uninhabitable by marine life. Much of this problem…Continue Reading »