1. Podcast interview: Matthew Plavan (Bioscience and Biogenetics)

    Arcadia Biosciences CEO Matthew Plavan was recently interviewed on the Harris Bricken Global Law and Business weekly podcast. The large-scale shift to telework brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic is prompting businesses around the world to explore new avenues to engage with clients and friends. Harris Bricken is no exception, and we are happy to…Continue Reading »
  2. Arcadia Messenger January 2021

    With 2020 in the rearview, we enter 2021 with a strong foundation for growth and prosperity, maintaining a laser-like focus on our primary goal of shareholder value creation through profitable growth. Kick off the new year with this issue of Arcadia Messenger! (Click image to view newsletter)Continue Reading »
  3. Arcadia Messenger April 2020

    As we navigate the uncertainty and market volatility surrounding COVID-19, we’re pushing forward to keep the momentum going to achieve our 2020 goals while taking care of our people, our plants and our partners. Learn more in this issue of Arcadia Messenger. (Click image to view newsletter)Continue Reading »
  4. Arcadia Messenger February 2020

    It’s been one year since we first announced our plans for launching a hemp division, and this edition of Arcadia Messenger focuses on our progress. As our CEO Matthew Plavan shared in a letter to investors last month, we have achieved many commercial milestones in our first year, particularly over the past several months. (Click…Continue Reading »
  5. Arcadia Messenger November 2019

    Earlier this month I had the honor of sharing Arcadia’s third-quarter results in my new role as CEO.  We reported our important progress during the quarter, but our primary focus was forward-looking. Having recently projected high revenue growth over the next two years on our way to profitability, I felt it important to give investors…Continue Reading »
  6. What the USDA’s Interim Final Rule Means for U.S. Hemp Cultivation

    Matthew Plavan, President & CEO Yesterday the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA’s) Agricultural Marketing Service issued their Interim Final Rule for hemp production, including provisions to approve hemp production plans from states and Indian tribes and to establish a federal plan for hemp producers in areas that have allowed hemp production but do not…Continue Reading »
  7. Adventures in hemp breeding: improving uniformity

    Randy Shultz, Ph.D., Vice President Research & Development If you’re like me, nothing says summer like a long drive through the country with the windows rolled down and a twangy tune fading in and out on the radio. Considering there are nearly a billion acres of farmland in the U.S., many of you have probably…Continue Reading »
  8. 7 Things to Know About GoodWheat

    Ann Slade, Ph.D., Research Fellow Arcadia Biosciences recently debuted its GoodWheatTM portfolio of specialty wheat ingredients at the 2019 International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) in Las Vegas. Below are some key facts and insights behind the growing GoodWheat brand. 1. Wheat is good for you! Wheat is an important source of proteins, fiber, vitamins, minerals…Continue Reading »
  9. Arcadia Messenger October 2019

    Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Matt Plavan, and last month I was honored to be named CEO of Arcadia Biosciences after several years as the company’s CFO, and more recently, president of Arcadia Specialty Genomics. (Click image to view newsletter)Continue Reading »