Arcadia Biosciences and FuturaGene Enter Agreement to Develop Nitrogen Use Efficient and Water Use Efficient Eucalyptus and Poplar

— New Tree Crops To Increase Productivity While Preserving Natural Resources and Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions —

DAVIS, Calif. and LONDON (February 6, 2013) – Arcadia Biosciences, Inc., an agricultural technology company focused on developing technologies and products that benefit the environment and human health, and FuturaGene, Inc., a world leader in the enhancement of yield and sustainability of woody crops for plantation forestry, bio-power, and biofuel markets, today announced that they have signed an agreement for FuturaGene to develop eucalyptus and poplar trees using Arcadia’s Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE) and Water Use Efficiency (WUE) technologies. Under the terms of the agreement, FuturaGene receives non-exclusive global rights to NUE and WUE technologies, expanding FuturaGene’s pipeline to enhance the performance of plantation forestry species.

The global acreage of plantation forestry has grown more than 50 percent in the last twenty years to meet growing demand for wood and wood products. Arcadia’s NUE and WUE technologies aim to increase yields while reducing resource inputs and their associated environmental consequences. These improvements in nitrogen fertilizer and fresh water requirements will contribute to sustainable gains in productivity of plantation forestry.

“Plantation forestry is an important and renewable resource, providing socio-economic as well as environmental benefits,” said Eric Rey, president and CEO of Arcadia. “Carefully planned and managed forestry preserves water quality, enhances biodiversity, and contributes to carbon sequestration. As global demand for wood products increases, sustainable intensification by increasing and protecting yields will reduce pressures for extensive expansion. As a leader in forestry biotechnology, and controlled by Suzano Papel e Celulose S.A., FuturaGene is a strong partner to bring these new products to the market.”

“The transition to a sustainable, low-carbon future will be determined by the ways in which innovation in resource use efficiency will be deployed,” said Stanley Hirsch, president and CEO of FuturaGene. “The option to harness the potential benefits of Arcadia’s NUE and WUE technology in our yield enhancement and yield protection platforms is an exciting prospect.”

Arcadia recently announced the approval of a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) methodology allowing growers to earn carbon credits for reduced nitrogen use due to NUE technology.

“Our recently approved CDM methodology is applicable to all crops that use our NUE technology. Forestry is already an important sector for reducing global greenhouse gas emissions and we envision the agreement between FuturaGene and Arcadia as further enhancing these opportunities. In the end, there will be a measurable positive impact on the global environment,” said Rey.

About Arcadia Biosciences, Inc.
Based in Davis, Calif., Arcadia Biosciences is an agricultural technology company focused on the development of agricultural products that improve the environment and enhance human health. Arcadia’s agronomic traits, including NUE, Water Efficiency, Salt Tolerance, Heat Tolerance, and Herbicide Tolerance, are all aimed at making agricultural production more economically efficient and environmentally sound. Arcadia’s health technologies and products create healthier nutritional ingredients and foods with lower cost of production. For more information visit

About FuturaGene, Inc.
With facilities in Brazil, China, and Israel, FuturaGene is a leader in plant genetic research and development for the global forestry, biopower, and biofuel markets. Since July 2010, FuturaGene has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Suzano Pulp and Paper, a publicly-held, leading integrated forestry, pulp and paper company. For more information, visit