Arcadia Specialty Genomics™

Getting to the genetic roots of hemp.

With a dedicated business unit focused on the optimization and standardization of hemp, Arcadia Specialty Genomics brings proven ability to bring innovative traits to the market through advanced breeding and gene editing in wheat, soybeans and other complex plant genomes.

The historically clandestine nature of the breeding and production of hemp has produced suboptimal genetics, a lack of Information regarding the origin of the plant genetics, and a lack of quality agricultural standards.

The result? Inconsistent quality and significant waste, and a burning demand for quality genomics and agronomic excellence. That’s why we created Arcadia Specialty Genomics™, a new unit at Arcadia focused on genetic improvement of hemp and other crops. We are creating value by developing a proprietary germplasm estate and traits improving plant quality and productivity in hemp—working within federal legal guidelines.

At Arcadia, we’ve long proven our ability to optimize plants for their value to growers and consumers and to transform commodity crops for improved functional nutrition. Now, through Arcadia Specialty Genomics, we will create hemp-based innovations that allow farmers to be more productive and enable consumer packaged good companies to differentiate their brands in the marketplace.

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Ingredients of Growth.

Arcadia Specialty Genomics offers novel hemp varieties possessing productivity, pest resistance and crop quality traits for license to cultivators, and for products serving the nutraceutical and food industries. Through years of plant science and industry experience, Arcadia has established CPG-proximity, food science partnerships, regulatory compliance practices, intellectual property strategies in crops and foods, identity-preserved crop production, and plant-based oil optimization.

Positive Traits.

Arcadia Specialty Genomics is building a portfolio of hemp germplasm improved through breeding and genomics to be made available to the industry. This genetically-rich library will boast multiple lines of characterized hemp germplasm designed for improvements to productivity, resilience and functional value as an ingredient.