The same products that contribute to healthy people can have a positive impact on animals.

That’s why we’ve created a line of nutritional ingredients for animal food manufacturers designed especially for farm and companion animals based on the same technologies we’ve developed for people.

Improving The Food Chain At Its Source.

GoodWheat™ Animal Feed Ingredients

Animals receive similar health benefits as people from resistant starch and high fiber. From improved digestive health to prebiotic effects, our Resistant Starch GoodWheat ingredients can make animal feed formulations healthier and more nutritious.

Increased public demand for the reduction or elimination of antibiotics in farm animals has brought about the need for alternatives to treat livestock infections and health challenges faced by farm animals. A recent study published in Animal Nutrition found that resistant starch is a promising alternative to in-feed antibiotics. The study found that resistant starch is beneficial in promoting enzymatic digestion to allow the passing of food to the hindgut where fermentation by microoganisms takes place. This fermentation phase of digestion is critical for a healthy gut, and for the production of short chain fatty acids (SCFA). The presence of SCFA increases healthy cell growth and repair, and suppresses growth of pathogens, to keep farm animals in good health, and improve growth rates.

Resistant Starch GoodWheat is an important in-feed supplement for animal food manufacturers to ensure their animals and livestock are healthy and continue to thrive.

Protecting Your Beloved Pets From Common Health Disorders.

SONOVA® GLA Safflower Oil Pet Food Supplement

Sold since 2012 as a human nutritional supplement, SONOVA GLA (Gamma-linolenic acid) is now available as a nutritional additive to adult dry dog and cat food formulations. Clinical studies have shown that GLA offers similar health benefits for pets as it does for humans, including weight management, control of pruritus and other dermatological conditions, mobility-related arthritic conditions, and immune system disorders. With a minimum of 40 percent GLA, SONOVA GLA safflower oil is the most concentrated and cost-effective source of GLA available, and is the only FDA-approved GLA source for use in pet food in the U.S.