From project to product – GoodWheat lives up to its brand promise

Sarah Reiter, Chief Commercial Officer

Arcadia launched our GoodWheat™ portfolio of non-GMO specialty wheats in early September at the International Baking Industry Expo in Las Vegas. Our chef and team of scientists and ingredient sales experts were happy to ply the 23,000+ baking professionals strolling the tradeshow aisles with delicious and nutritious GoodWheat foods, including:

  • Performance brownies, based on GoodWheat with reduced levels of allergenic glutens and improved protein quality and amino acids;
  • High fiber pasta, made from resistant starch GoodWheat with more than 6 times the fiber of standard pasta;
  • Sport waffles, made from our high-quality protein GoodWheat, and
  • High fiber, resistant starch wheat crackers, with 6 times the fiber of regular wheat crackers.

During the tradeshow, our team talked about GoodWheat with innovators from leading companies around the world. In the short time since the expo, we’ve advanced our discussions with baking industry leaders in more than 10 countries. These countries represent 44% of global wheat consumption.

The road from scientific discovery to innovative food product is long. Our company’s efforts to improve the nutritional value of wheat stretch back to 2001, when our scientists first established our wheat diversity libraries through advanced breeding techniques. Today, these are among the largest wheat diversity libraries in the world. And, as our IBIE experience proved, GoodWheat specialty wheats deliver valued nutritional benefits consumers are seeking, in an ingredient well-loved around the world.

This is an exciting time for GoodWheat specialty wheats as we execute our commercialization plans. In late 2019 and 2020, you’ll begin to see the fruit of Arcadia’s labors through our retail introduction of reduced gluten specialty flour, as well as our partnership with Bay State Milling Company, which will include our high fiber bread wheat in their HealthSense portfolio.