Could Snack Crackers Save Your Life?

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Every parent knows the drill. Kids are hungry, you’re on the go, and fresh vegetables aren’t shelf stable enough to keep in the glovebox. So you toss back a container of his or her favorite snack crackers. Kid rejoices. Parent is relieved, but with a tinge of guilt for offering “empty” calories. Sound familiar? But … Read More

More than one in four consumers seeking to reduce gluten intake

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Our company provides high-value, healthy food ingredients to help meet consumer demand for a healthier diet. So understanding consumers, their needs, their preferences and lifestyle trends is a key factor in our product development cycle. Listening to customers, for example, led our research team to develop Reduced Gluten GoodWheat for people who enjoy the taste, … Read More

REALLY good wheat! GoodWheat addresses the fiber shortfall in our diets and embraces high amylose starch. Here’s why it’s important.

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As many of us have probably heard from our doctors before, we should be consuming more dietary fiber. Dietary fibers are recommended due to a variety of health benefits they provide, such as preventing the onset of type II diabetes through maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and improving cholesterol. According to recent findings from a … Read More