Together, the scientific leadership team at Arcadia brings more than 100 years of combined plant transformation experience. Whether optimizing crops for higher nutritional value, improving climate resiliency, or maximizing yield, shelf-life and oil content, Arcadia’s know-how is unparalleled.

Diverse Foundations Provide Pathways for Innovation.

Libraries, Traits and Germplasm

The work we do at Arcadia depends on crop libraries deep in genetic diversity.  These are the assets used to underpin our discovery.  They are the basis for new crop innovation and often become the commercial product itself:

  • TILLING libraries: groups of plants captured as clones, seeds or DNA, with high allelic diversity.  We maintain libraries in a number of key agricultural crops
  • Genetic traits: our portfolio of patent-protected crop traits is used by partners around the world to improve their seed offerings
  • Germplasm: The seed strategy at Arcadia Biosciences results in proprietary registered crop varieties bred for differentiated value to growers and down-stream partners

Productivity in The Face of Variability.

Innovation in Complex Crops

Plants are complex living organisms influenced by their growing conditions, climate and production practices. Arcadia Biosciences has been focused on these  variables and their effects on, crop quality and crop yields for more than 15 years.  We understand the coming challenges of climate change and plant stress, and design crops optimized to perform in these conditions – repeatedly and consistently.  Examples of these innovations include:

  • Soybeans designed to mitigate drought stress and assure yield
  • Rice with stacked traits for nitrogen use efficiency, water use efficiency and salt tolerance offers new approaches to manage aridity, overcome salt-water intrusion and reduce the overuse of nitrogen
  • Tomato designed for extended shelf-life, helps ensure food security by adding market days to one of the world’s most commonly eaten fresh crops

Designing Crops with Consumers in Mind.

Advancing Crop Health and Nutrition

The focus of Arcadia’s crop improvement efforts has been to increase plants’ value for human nutrition and health.  We see this as the logical next wave of the Norman Borlaug’s Green Revolution.  Our confidence in our current pipeline of R&D projects comes from our historical successes, for example:

  • Safflower designed to over-express gamma linolenic acid (GLA), an omega-6 fatty acid. The body converts gamma linolenic acid to substances that reduce inflammation and cell growth
  • Wheat designed to produce more amylose, a resistant starch. Resistant starch is shown to help improve digestive health, manage insulin levels and reduce the onset of diabetes, and protect against bowel cancer
  • Wheat designed for extended shelf-life, which overcomes the bitterness and storage issues associated with whole wheat flour, thereby increasing the intake of whole grains and improving fiber consumption
  • Wheat designed for improved nutrition and reduced sensitivity by reducing the allergenic components in gluten and improving the amino acid profile. This specialty wheat helps reduce inflammation and improve muscle recovery

Working Together.

Regulatory Expertise and Partnerships

Regulatory Expertise
Arcadia’s innovations result in improved crops which are subject to divergent regulatory rules in important agricultural markets around the world. We have successfully navigated the complex environment of regulatory permits, processes and deregulating mechanisms for transgenic and conventional crops in markets regulated by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Health Canada (HC), Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and the European Commission.

Trusted Innovation Partners
Arcadia is proud of our long-held reputation as a trusted scientific partner.  Around the world, we partner with leading agricultural research organizations such as US National Institutes of Health, US-AID, USDA, AATF (African Agricultural Technology Foundation), Technion – Israeli Institute of Technology, Rothamsted Research, BRRI (Bangladesh Rice Research Institute), and CIAT (The International Center for Tropical Agriculture), in our efforts to bring crop productivity innovations that address the challenges of food quality, crop productivity and climate change.  Additionally, long-established relationships with key agricultural universities like the University of California, Cornell University, University of Toronto, Ningxia Academy of Agriculture, and many others help accelerate Arcadia research.

Interested in learning more about how Arcadia’s scientific expertise might help you? We’d love to partner with you. Contact us for more information.