As many of us have probably heard from our doctors before, we should be consuming more dietary fiber. Dietary fibers are recommended due to a variety of health benefits they provide, such as preventing the onset of type II diabetes through maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and improving cholesterol.

According to recent findings from a study that Arcadia participated in with our friends at the University of Queensland, lack of dietary fiber and resistant starch in the diet was found to be a highly prevalent issue, largely attributable to a spike in consumption of processed foods.

High amylose starch (HAS), a form of resistant starch, can help promote the production of short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs). SCFAs play a role general improvement in the overall health of the digestive system by reducing pH in the colon, thus creating an environment that prevents the generation of unwanted bacteria. Additionally, SCFAs can help protect and provide energy for colonic cell lining.

The high amylose market has been primarily dominated by ingredients such as corn, barley, and potatoes. Due to this, high amylose starch has been difficult to incorporate in commonplace diets without compromising on flavor or texture of processed foods, specifically baked goods. Now there’s another way to benefit from HAS and increase your fiber intake. Our GoodWheat product features HAS and is considered a “good source” of dietary fiber content according to standards set by the US Food and Drug Administration.

The inclusion of HAS in our wheat product makes GoodWheat a unique contender in the world of resistant starch offerings as it may be more seamlessly included in your favorite processed goods such as pasta, pizza dough, bread and cereal. Because of its high fiber content, GoodWheat can also help simplify ingredient labels in consumer-packaged goods. We anticipate this product to come to market later in 2019 and, by presenting an additional grain option and making HAS foods more accessible to global consumers, we can actively play our part in encouraging improved dietary health for everyone!