Radically Rethinking Agriculture for the 21st Century

February 11, 2010By tnguyenMedia Coverage, News No Comments

Population growth, arable land and fresh water limits, and climate change have profound implications for the ability of agriculture to meet this century’s demands for food, feed, fiber, and fuel while reducing the environmental impact of their production. Success depends on the acceptance and use of contemporary molecular techniques, as well as the increasing development … Read More

Hype or hysteria: A rational policy on GM food?

February 10, 2010By tnguyenMedia Coverage, News No Comments

As India decides on whether to approve its first genetically modified (GM) crop, three experts consider if GM offers a solution to the global food crisis or represents a threat to biodiversity and the future of agriculture. Dr Anita Ramanna, Department of Politics, University of Pune GM (Genetically Modified) crops evoke either hype or hysteria … Read More